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“I think your T-Rex killed my Raptor.”

“No, tell him to get up. He has three more hearts left.”


My hand-sized plastic grey Raptor picked himself up off the kitchen table, dusted himself off, and jumped back into the fray.

I have been thinking about pain, suffering, and how debilitating pain can be. And the opposite, being pain-free, non-suffering, and how exhilarating that can be.

It is like the raindrops I saw falling lightly on the wooden deck this morning. Each drop rippled into two or three or four rings, depending on its strength.

When I don’t feel well, I am the smallest droplet and have limited ability to make much of a splash in this world.

But last night after dining on “loaded potatoes” and green beans with the family, followed by a game of pickleball, then a 2.4-mile evening walk with others, my body felt great and when I fell asleep, I had the following dream.

I was with a group around the sea and after swimming, we climbed on a boat to go eat and hear music. I still had my swimsuit on, felt a chill, and the bearded boat captain handed me a towel, dry clothes, and a warm smile. The boat docked on the pier and we climbed onto the boardwalk. I paused to look at the night lights as I walked, lost sight of my group, and didn’t know which restaurant they went into. I peeked into a few doorways of the cafes, then heard, “Hey Nana!” My young golden-haired grandson waved and smiled at me. He was sitting on a high stool at the entrance to the café our group had gone into. I entered, drooled over the gourmet seafood choices, knowing I would eat well, and felt happy as a clam.

It is like that.

You feel weak and sick and small as the tiniest raindrop.

Then the golden child and others offer you warmth.

And just like that, you gain three more hearts,

Bursting with life.


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