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Vin Schroeter

Blogger, Author,


I grew up part of a large family in a small town in central California. As the 4th of 12 children, I was intrigued by all our different personalities.

We all contributed by working in our family grocery store growing up and the part I liked was painting the signs for the store windows. By age 16, I knew I wanted to be a counselor. Coming from a working class family, I put myself through college and graduate school in order to pursue my dreams.

I had a forty-two year career as a clinical psychotherapist, focusing on body-mind psychology. I closed my private practice in 2017 to focus on writing, consulting, and teaching.
I have noticed a common theme in my professional as well as personal life, which is how people suffer when they do not know how to communicate well.
My current passion is to help people communicate better. My recent studies in neuroscience (mind) along with my long-term work in somatic psychotherapy (body) allow me to provide original and effective communication tools.
My book, Communication Breakthrough, is available on
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Please note: I am no longer seeing patients as a psychotherapist. For topics related to my art, writing, training or consulting you can reach me here: 

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