Seeking Balance in Troubled Times

Vincentia Schroeter, PhD

Sixteen short stories of coping in the pandemic year of 2020

How Using Brain Science And Listening To Body Cues Can Transform Your Relationships

Vincentia Schroeter, PhD

The book offers innovative tools for better listening (even to difficult people) and handy skills for more effective expression.



Bend Into


Vincentia Schroeter, PhD
Barbara Thomson, PhD

Bend Into Shape is the only complete compilation of both classic and modern Bioenergetic techniques.


The book considers up to date modern issues such as the relational model, including ways to work with transference and countertransference in psychotherapy.

Bend Into Shape

An Italian version, "IL SE CERCA IL CORPO" is available at www.francoangeli.it

A Spanish version, "Dando Forma" and English versions can be ordered from a German distributor by clicking below.

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