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More Cream

I am biting into crunchy gluten free raisin toast topped with puffy clouds of whipped cream cheese. I am sipping my morning Joe – for me caffeine free Cafix, a roasted barley hot drink. Poured on top is an inch of foamy steamed milk. I discovered this cream cheese and milk frother a few days ago in my daughter’s kitchen.

I don’t do hardly any dairy products in my own house. It is just my sweet husband, my sweet dog, and my gluten and caffeine free food world. But being here all summer has brought some new scenes that I do not get at home.

The twelve year old walked through the back door, heard his 3-year-old brother Harrison cry, immediately dropped his school bags, picked up his little brother and said sweetly, “Bobo is here, are you okay?”

Last night I watched as my daughter plucked bagworms out of the tall pine tree in her front yard. She said, “Harrison seems so content since you have been here. I think your taking care of him is going really well. What do you think?”

I told my son-in-law that my California nephew, Elijah, wants to go fishing. He said, “Invite the family here in Spring or Fall, and I will take them out on my boat to the lake. Then he showed me a photo of himself with a big fish he caught and said, “Send that to Elijah.”

Harrison plays a game daily. He becomes a T-Rex, with wide stomping legs and pulled up short arms and asks in a growly dinosaur voice, “Where is Mama?” I stomp and repeat in the same tone, “Where is Mama?” I used to say, “Mama is at work.” A few days ago he got a glint in his eye and added fantasy to the game by looking for Mama under the carpet, in the garbage, in the closet and then laughing at the silliness of it all.

These sweet little scenes are the real cream in my coffee – ah, Cafix.

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2019

What a heartwarming blog. You're a lovely, lovely blogger.

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