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May Grey

I look outside my window

And see more cars moving.

Economies start their motors.

Why does this scare me?

Because, though I ache to see real people

Without my mask, and not through a screen,

This virus is no where near tamed.

We don’t have it by a lead.

It is a wild horse, that outweighs us by a thousand pounds.

We are clinging to the saddle horn, our foot is caught in the stirrup

And any minute we may be flung to the hard ground.

Our brains are scrambling

For vaccines

For treatments

For managing political unrest

For managing human suffering

For managing human isolation

For ways to save the bluer waters and cleaner skies.

As engines rev to full power,

Exhaust greys again the sky above me.

Human doings take back the streets.

Birds scatter away from the bosom of their tree.

The tree shivers, left with bare arms and smog.


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