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I was in a bad mood, so I went for a walk. For the first mile around the houses, my middle was shaky, like I wasn’t my whole self, and my jaw went from tight with anger, to wanting to drop in hurt. I came upon the oval lake nestled between large homes and felt drawn to the water. I walked around the edge of the olive-green lake, stepping on bright green grass and large, flat, beige stones. One stone was halfway in the water and as I stepped on it, it jiggled, making tons of tiny minnows slither out from under it and into the larger lake. Sometimes I want to run away too. I squatted down to touch the cool water and wagged my finger. Silver sparkles from the sun danced in the ripples I made. Like the lake was saying I had a right to be here. Then I stood up and kept walking. I turned a corner and disturbed a flock of 30-40 black and white geese, who had been sitting on the shore. I drew back, listening to their flapping wings and complaining squawks. They all took to the sky to get out of my way. I watch them scatter and then re-form into three groups who dip and soar, circle high and low, then all land in the lake near each other. Each one slid so smoothly onto the silky water, it was a treat for my eyes, like watching ballet. They were annoyed, flew around, then came together and settled down. The poet Mary Oliver said something like, “Look silently at nature and just receive it, as a gift.” Sometimes I walk for exercise and don’t slow down enough to receive all the gifts. So, as I headed back, I walked under trees until I came to a clearing, and then paused awhile to look up. The bright blue sky with broad white puffballs became a slow movie pulling me in to watch the transformation of their shapes.

Don’t let it fly by

This pretty blue sky

I go too fast

Fearing It won’t last.

Sky gift, what do you say?

I say just stay

Watch minnows swim away

Let your wet fingers make ripples play.

See angry geese fly high

Then calmly slide on by.

They can help soothe your soul

To again make you feel whole.


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