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Better Communication for a Better Life

I just asked Alexa to play classical Christmas music while I write this note to my readers. I have written 27 blog posts in the past 27 weeks. I have enjoyed sitting down each Sunday evening to create the post and to draw an original graphic with chalk on black paper. Now, I want to relax and enjoy this holiday time with friends and family, so will be taking a break from writing the blog. The original idea for the blog was to provide communication tips, and many posts do include tools for better communication. I also commented on current events, with an attempt to deepen understanding by using the lens of how the brain and body are wired in humans.

Here is what one reader wrote after discovering my blog:

"Wow! Just read your blogs this morning! Your warmth and wanting the best for your new 'clients' (readers) comes through. Each starts out with a relevant current issue then gets meatier, e.g. 'the neuroscience of…' or 'so and so in Sojourners' (who knows Sojourners?), then a sprinkling of family stuff both touching and difficult! I’m so impressed, the writing is so layered! Congrats! Lots of people would really appreciate your optimistic comforting take on things!"

You can go to my website at to read any blogs you may have missed.

I want to thank my subscribers and all my readers for your interest. Next year I plan to publish a book on communication. It is full of useful and easy to use tools for being heard and getting what you want. I believe that better communication makes for a better life! Thank you for your support and may you enjoy slowly cupping your cold hands around a hot mug of winter wassail or whatever balm helps you take away the occasional inner or outer chill of the holiday season.


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